Migrating Matterhorn 1.6 to Opencast 3.x

Tobias Schiebeck

The University of Manchester has migrated its Opencast installation from version 1.6 to 3.x during the last summer this included a transfer of about 100 000 archive items and the preparation of the transfer of 350 capture agents to the new system in time for September. We also needed to transfer the participation management system as well as the Disability support modules to the Opencast 3.x The main aim of the migration was to have it completely transparent to our end users. This talk will explain the successes and pitfalls of our migration. The planning for this migration was ongoing for about a year and we were trying to identify the most problematic issues. To our suprise this was not the moe of the archive but hitting the new version of Opencast with the 350 Capture agents requesting their schedule -  which surfaced a huge performance issue in OC 3.x. The Migration was a great success and Opencast 3.4 is now running on full load at Manchester. There was no real service disruption for the end users.