University of Vienna Währinger Strasse 29 (W29)

Währinger Str. 29
A-1090 Vienna

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The building at Währinger Strasse 29 (WS 29) houses the Faculty of Computer Science and the Department of Communication of the University of Vienna.

In the building, there are a library with a reading room, three lecture halls (200-500 people), six PC training rooms (20-30 people), eleven seminar rooms (20-49 people), seven IT research laboratories and training rooms for camera work and film editing.

The Opencast Community Summit 2018 will take place on the basement floor.

This building was opened in October 2012. Its total surface area is 10,600 m² and the total capacity of its event facilities adds up to 1,808 m².
Historical buildings such as the former Department of Chemistry designed by Heinrich von Ferstel, the Palais Clam-Gallas (formerly known as the Palais Dietrichstein) and the Josephinum, which today houses the collections of the Medical University of Vienna, are located on the same street.

How to get there

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