Creating and Opencast 3.x Edit-Distribution node

Tobias Schiebeck

At the University of Manchester the end user has no access to our Opencast Installation. This means there is no access to the admin node for our users. As we still need the lecturers to edit their videos they need to be able to access the Video editor. To minimize the risks we have created an edit-distribution node for opencast. This node uses parts of the admin-ui to provide the video editor and also does the distribution through OAI-PMH to our video portal. Moving the editor to the Presentation node came with the need to create an edit-ui which is a clone of the admin-ui. The problem of cloning the admin-ui is that we have to maintain two instances of the editor. This is just the UI part. The REST calls are relayed to the admin-node in order to have the admin node process the data. The future plans for the edit node are to make the editor-ui a proper module so the code-duplication between admin-ui and edit-ui can be removed. This however means a refactoring of the editor in both the admin-ui and edit-ui.